Case Study – Resort Corais de Búzios (RN)

Flavio Utida Morais Junior, Alexandre Marques Nogueira Cobra


The characteristic properties of aluminum, high strength stiffness to weight ratio and good corrosion resistance make it a material highly used in civil construction. Currently, the heat-treatable 6000 alloys are preferred, films and coatings are applied for decorative and protective purposes and adhesion between the substrate and the coating must adhere satisfactorily. In this paper, we investigated corrosion in a construction, specifically in doors and windows frames produced through AA6063 alloy, and the use of titanium as an alternative presented to increase corrosion resistance. A case study of a resort located in Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil) is presented, which involves an area of high exposure to the sea with some pieces coming from doors and windows with oxidation problems, such as identification of the type of corrosion and the solutions treatments adopted including electrostatic paintings with titanium, a technological innovation to replace the current process with chromium. In addition to providing esthetic effect, electrostatic painting with titanium present itself as an alternative to the current process, providing paint adhesion to frames with greater corrosion resistance to the metal. 

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