Raman spectrum of Cannonite

Catia Fredericci


In this paper, the X-ray powder diffraction and Raman scattering measurements for cannonite crystal structure [(Bi2O(OH)2SO4)] are presented. Cannonite was obtained as a by-product of tests for the chemical durability of glass in the system Bi2O3-SiO2-Al2O3-B2O3-ZnO. The assignment of the vibrational bands of the crystal growth on the glass-corroded surface was done by comparison with Raman spectrum of a cannonite mineral sample. Both crystals showed the same spectral pattern making possible to determine the crystalline phase deposited on the glass surface. Contrary to report in the literature, our samples did not transform in oxo-carbonated bismuth salt when exposed to air, being chemically stable.

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